Mobile is the fastest growing channel in the world, offering new and exciting opportunities for marketing, advertising and promotions. ADZ2MOBILE leverages the power of the mobile, enabling any company to create and manage compelling and effective mobile initiatives worldwide. We make it fast and easy to launch mobile marketing campaigns, mobile content distribution initiatives and mobile advertising via text messaging, Bluetooth and Web sites.

ADZ2MOBILE helps brands and agencies create compelling and effective marketing campaigns and interactivity via text messaging and Bluetooth. Leveraging traditional marketing and media channels, mobile enabled marketing offers brands immediate, one-to-one audience interactivity, anytime, anywhere. ADZ2MOBILE can help companies extend their brands with increased brand participation, awareness, loyalty, store/site visits, direct marketing returns, sales, consumer data gathering and more. To learn more about mobile marketing click here.

Mobile marketing is a targeted approach to reaching cunsumers and allows the brand to leave a lasting impression with each consumer that opts in to receive the information. That is what make's it up to 90% effective and get them coming back.

Traditional promotional campaigns instruct your customers to take their receipts or remember directions to visit a Website or mail card in at a later date. The response rate for these campaigns is extremely low.

Using mobile marketing, your customers can easily and immediately join your loyalty programs while they are standing in your store. Using online or in store signage, point of sale displays, employee training, product packaging, or receipt text, instruct your customers to text an entry code to your short code.

When your mobile phone rings, you answer it. When you receive a mobile text message, you read it. So do all of your customers.

Mobile marketing enables you to provide valuable offers for your products directly into the hands of your customers no matter where they are.

When they receive your mobile offer, it stays with them in their inbox until they are able to use it.

Everyone loves a chance to win. Use a wide variety of marketing tools to promote your contests.

Consumers then use their mobile phones to enter the contest.

You can continue to interact with them by providing contest updates, results, new contests, promotions and more.

Notify your customers when their products are ready for pickup. Increase customer service and recognize your revenue faster. Keep your warehouse and storage space available.

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SMS guide

Short Messaging Service, otherwise known as text messaging, mobile messaging, or alphanumeric paging is a digital cellular network feature. It lets you send short text and numeric messages to and from digital cell phones, cell phones and e-mail addresses, as well as cell phones and public SMS messaging gateways on the Internet.

Messages generated by SMS are immediately delivered directly to your phone. Most carriers offer SMS alerts (information packets, such as stock quotes, sports scores, and news) that can be delivered to your phone at regularly scheduled intervals.

Currently, there are approximately 30 billion SMS messages sent globally each month, with the majority of that traffic occurring in Western Europe and Asia. In North America most major cellular providers offer either one-way or two-way SMS to their subscribers. With one-way service, you can receive messages; while with two-way service, you can both receive and send messages. A short code is required for two-way messaging.

The Short Message Service (SMS), as defined within the GSM digital mobile phone standard has several unique features:

A single short message can be up to 160 characters of text in length. Those 160 characters can comprise of words or numbers or an alphanumeric combination. Non-text based short messages (for example, in binary format) are also supported. These are used for ringtones and logos services for instance.

The Short Message Service is a store and forward service, in other words, short messages are not sent directly from sender to recipient, but always via an SMS Center instead. Each mobile telephone network that supports SMS has one or more messaging centers to handle and manage the short messages.

The Short Message Service features confirmation of message delivery. This means that unlike paging, users do not simply send a short message and trust and hope that it gets delivered. Instead the sender of the short message can receive a return message back notifying them whether the short message has been delivered or not.

Short messages can be sent and received simultaneously with GSM voice, Data and Fax calls. This is possible because whereas voice, Data and Fax calls take over a dedicated radio channel for the duration of the call, short messages travel over and above the radio channel using the signaling path. As such, users of SMS rarely if ever get a busy or engaged signal as they can do during peak network usage times.

Ways of sending multiple short messages are available. SMS concatenation (stringing several short messages together) and SMS compression (getting more than 160 characters of information within a single short message) have been defined and incorporated in the GSM SMS standards.

Data base collection

The most important part of the whole process is to get your customers' permission to send them text messages. It would be disastrous to have a customer feel like he was being spammed by you, and there are laws against it as well. Cell phones are very personal to people. This means that they will be extra unhappy if they receive unsolicited messages, but it also means that they will pay more attention to the messages that they agree to receive. This is what makes text message advertising so powerful.

The collection of the database of customers can be accomplished in many ways:

1. In store - have them send in the opt-in message from their cell phone to the short code with your dedicated keyword

2. Online - sign up at

3. Email - email your customers about your new VIP club and include information on how they can join.

4. Phone - call your customers directly and invite them to join

5. Direct mail - send your customers an invitation to join or include club details in your next mail ad

6. Print communications - include sign-up details in your newspaper ads, flyers and other printed materials.

7. In person - invite your customers to join when they are in your place of business.

Sending messages

Once a database of opt-in customers has been collected, you are ready to begin the Text Message Marketing Campaign.

1. Create Message to send Customers. Remember, text messages cannot be longer than 160 characters.

2. Choose Recipients from the database of customers that you have been collecting.

3. Send the Messages immediately or schedule them to be sent at a later time.

ADZ2MOBILE will be available to support you every step of the way.