Text SMS for Schools


With the overwhelming majority of parents and kids now carrying cell phones, text messaging provides schools and colleges with an immediate, reliable and cost-effective method for contacting both of these groups.

At the college level, text sms messaging to the student population can be used to:

1.        Broadcast emergency alerts(school lockdowns)

2.        Broadcast event notifications

3.        Broadcast class cancellations (rescheduling)


At the K-12 level, text messaging can be used, in addition to the above, for:

1.        Alerts to parents of ill children

2.        Alerting parents for delayed school buses

3.        Alerting parents for local dangers, such as stalkers

4.        Broadcasting snow day notifications


With ADZ2MOBILE’s Solutions, broadcast lists can be organized by group, such as staff, students, parents, making it simple to quickly set up a targeted broadcast message to the relevant group.  Messages are sent and received almost immediately, ensuring the timeliness of the information.

Many of the above uses, without text messaging, currently involve significant costs to the school, including labor and phone service expenses.  Using ADZ2MOBILE’s Text Messaging services will:

  1. Reduce current cost
  2. Be more effective in delivery of information
  3. Provide a higher level of security to the school


Our schools program allows faculty and administration to instantly send out mass text messages to the student body, parents, sports teams or any group that needs timely information.