Below you will find helpful articles about mobiles marketing and how it is working across the county. It is coming, get prepared to target market!

Why go mobile?

Since the rise of text messaging in Europe in the early 2000s, mobile marketing and mobile content distribution have been the most exciting new media developments since the Internet. The mobile channel is experiencing the same explosive growth, and has become the de facto third screen that many believe will surpass television and the Internet in term of its impact on industry and communications. Here are some ideas and stats to help put some scale on where mobile is today, where its growth potential is pointing, and its unique characteristics.


  • Text messaging is the most widely used data service on the planet, with 72% of all mobile phone users worldwide or 1.9 billion out of 2.7 billion phone subscribers at the end of 2006 being active users of text messaging. In Europe over 85% of the population use text messaging.
  • The US is quickly catching up to Europe–in the US 68% of the population use text, and 44% use it daily/weekly.1
  • US carrier Verizon set an all time monthly record in June 2007 when 10 billion text messages were sent and received on its network alone.2
  • 1 in 3 mobile subscribers between the age of 18-34 have participated in a TV or radio text poll.3
  • The rising adoption of accessing mobile Internet sites (WAP) in the US has taken hold where nearly 1 in 3 mobile phone users are accessing Internet sites on their phones.4
  • 1 in 3 mobile phones in the market are mobile video capable.5
  • 40% of major brands have already deployed mobile marketing campaigns. 89% of major brands are planning to market via mobile phones by 2008, and more than half of the brands in the next five years are planning to spend between 5 and up to 25% of their total marketing budget on mobile marketing.6


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    Mobile Myths

    Marketing in the mobile channel is often misunderstood, and there are many misconceptions regarding the strategies and tactics employed in leveraging the mobile channel. Here’s a few of them with responses to set them straight.

    Mobile concepts

    While mobile leverages traditional media, the way mobile users interact with mobile initiatives is very different. In short, mobile engages the consumer or audience with content they value in permission based interactivity with the brand.

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    Mobile Marketer's Classic Guide to Mobile Advertis         

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