Bluetooth Basics

Bluetooth wireless technology is the simplest way to send content directly to mobile phones. It is a global standard for wireless connecting devices such as mobile phones, computers, cars, stereo headsets, MP3 players and more. It is built into over one billion mobile devices already, and over twelve million new devices are shipping every month. ADZ2MOBILE uses Bluetooth to power its mobile content hotspots so downloads are always fast and free for mobile device users.


  • Downloads take between 5 and 25 seconds depending on content size.
  • Bluetooth wireless technology hotspots effective range for content delivery is 30 feet.
  • Bluetooth wireless technology devices must be set to discoverable in order for content to be delivered.

ADZ2MOBILE uses the largest proximity based marketing network, enabling brands to interact with consumers in an innovative solution. ADZ2MOBILE hotspots deliver content, such as videos, mobile applications, rich images, and mp3s, to consumers who opt in to a call to action, such as signage, leaving customers with a lasting brand impression. Every consumer interaction is documented on the ADZ2MOBILE network to offer measurable results and marketing information to Brands. ADZ2MOBILE offers customized solutions that “light up” traditional static advertising and can transmit music, videos, games, coupons, news and more to consumers who can download the content to their phones free of charge and without a data plan requirement. The ADZ2MOBILE approach is both engaging and effective.

We are Here to Help

Deploy a campaign with one, two, or all three of our solutions. Not sure how our technology could work with your brand? ADZ2MOBILE can help you create an innovative way to capture the attention of mobile phone users.

  • Creative services are available to help incorporate Bluetooth into your campaign
  • Generate branded applications with our technical support
  • Content updated remotely to keep mobile device users engaged

Turn Any Place into a "HOT SPOT"

Targeting sports fans, shoppers, business professionals, teens, or jet setters? This technology can be placed in a wide variety of locations to reach any demographic.
You pick we stick it!

Car dealers
Movie theaters
Bus Shelters
Trade shows


Bluetooth deployed in a retail or event setting revolutionizes the mall, restaurant, concert, and in-store shopping experience. With bluetooth marketing, there is no coupon clipping. Instead they are delivered via Bluetooth straight to your mobile device and ready to be used immediately. Our applications allow retailers to in-store specials, promotions, or anything else needed to capture the attention of consumers and generate excitement around the products being sold.

Features & Benefits

  • Create traffic during off-peak seasons or events

  • Turn

  • Target specific groups of consumers

  • Raise your brand awareness

Applications & Possibilities

  • Shopping centers

  • Grocery stores

  • Specialty retail outlets